Relationship lessons from Wizkid, Tiwa Savage’s romance

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Wednesday, October 24 2018 and Tiwa Savage and Wizkid are top of almost every trend list based following the release of the music video for ‘Fever,’ in which both of them are all loved up in the most intimate ways we’ve ever seen them.

We can’t get enough of the video. You can’t get enough of it. Everyone seems unable to stop talking about it. It is a romantic clip with exciting sensual vibes; the kind of stuff you’d want to watch over and over again. What is most interesting, apart from obvious sexual chemistry splashed on every cut of the music video, is the conversation that has been re-sparked by its release.

People who have always thought the pair are in a relationship now seem even surer and those who believe they are just close professionals are finding it more difficult holding on to that belief. But of course, Tiwa Savage and Wizkid are still keeping quiet about all of this. There has been no confirmation, neither has there been any denial from either of them.

Not that this has not stopped us from deducing few relationship lessons from the alleged union, though. Because, we observed, and there are one or two… maybe five love lessons to take from all of this.

So what are the relationship lessons from Wizkid, Tiwa Savage’s romance?

1. Opinions of outsiders don’t count

Are you happy? Does your partner make you happy and give you the emotional [and other] satisfaction you need? That’s what you need! No one really needs to understand, no one really needs to know.

VIDEO: Wizkid – Fever (Starring Tiwa Savage)

And even Tiwa Savage wants you to understand this. With an Instagram story posted few hours after the “Fever” music video was released, the Diva seems to be advising us all that: “Your relationship doesn’t need to make sense to anyone, except you and your partner. It’s a relationship. Not a community project.”

2. Privacy in relationships should be a goal for everyone

Keep it private guys. Not everyone deserves to know all about your business. As much as we have seen Tiwa Savage due to the public lives they keep, not much is still known except conjectures and rumours and stuff being put together.

Because they are celebs, we are not ruling out that this privacy could be part of an orchestrated PR scheme to their advantage. Regardless, however, keeping things private is still a great idea that everyone needs to imbibe in their relationships.

The Internet or even some friends don’t really care. You’ll only be harming them with things to hurt you with if you keep revealing to much to them. Keep your doings under wrap and stay in charge of your relationship.

3. Age is just a number

So far you are not doing paedophile stuff, guys, you’re good. Are you an adult above the legal age of consent, is your partner one too? Is the consent appropriately obtained? Then go on and do you!

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Tiwa is 38, Wizkid 28 and if what we seem to be seeing of the pair is really true, it goes to show you that there really is nothing stopping you from being with that younger guy or that older woman.

Happiness first, guys. Happiness first.

4. Single mums deserve love too

Enough of the single mums bashing. There is enough love to go round –  for the single and never married, and also for the single and unmarried with a kid!

It may not happen overnight due to the longstanding reservations society has against these women, but it’s about time we began to change the narrative one woman, one relationship at a time.

5. Divorcees deserve some love too

Some divorced women will make for you better partners than men or women who have never been married. If someone is good for you, go ahead and do you.

Not everyone needs to conform to convention. Happiness is not formulaic.

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