4 types of lecturers we all hate in campus (Must See)

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The excitement soon wanes after orientation, and a dreary four year (or more for Moi university students) campus begins. At the centre of this routine is often a lecturer. The truth is, there are other fancy things, which does not involve education, that is quite attractive.

As such many of us get caught in the pursuit of earthly pleasure. Yet, some lecturers won’t allow that to happen. These are some of those lecturers, whom we all love to hate.

The strict ones

They love following rules. Upon the list in attendance. If you get there five minutes late count yourself as absent. They call out the names of people just in case someone signs for the other. as a result, you are forced to listen to them, not that they are interesting but because you need to keep up that attendance.

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The abusive ones

They don’t hold back when they feel you fall under the threshold under which they consider one an intellectual. There’s one who, pissed off by a response one of us gave to one of the questions, said that he’d shoot him if he were allowed to carry a gun.

Those who never show up but expect you to write exams

We had one like that. In fact, two, and they were husband and wife. It is as if those tow lecturers signed a pact never to show up for lectures. It is blissful in the beginning, not until he shows up and says you are writing an exam. From where? You ask yourselves.

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The clueless lecturers

You have actually sacrificed some sleep to get to class. But then the lecturer is not only boring but seems clueless. You would have gotten more knowledge staring at a wall than listening to them. And they show up every day. They take their responsibility, of being boring and clueless, quite seriously.


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