15 ways to know u are at a Ghanaian party

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(1) You were given one invitation card, but you invite 20 other friends.

(2) You call the attention of the people serving food by saying “please Madam we haven’t eaten in this area o!”

(3) Even when it was obvious that no alcohol was served, you still ask “don’t you have any alcohol?

(4) At a kids party scheduled to start at 5pm and finishing at 12am, you arrive with kids (some of them already sleeping) at 11pm.

(5) You go back to ask for more food and drinks.

(6) You dance to “Daddy Lumba ” or “Kontihene” music as if your life depended on it.

(7) You hear people talking, as if they are in a fight, about sports and politics.

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(8) Towards the end of the party you see people going into the kitchen helping themselves to “take away” food and drinks.

(9) You ask the DJ to play a specially recorded cassette tape or CD you brought with you.

(10) You ask the caretaker of the hired hall to extend the party time by bribing him with money and drinks.

(11) Most of the guys are frowning and cursing because fufu, waatche, kenkey or banku wasn’t served.

(12) More than two bouncers are at the door that leads to where the foods/drinks are kept.

(13) The men are sitting in groups, instead of sitting with their women or they are hanging out by the food table talking loudly and spitting right into the food.

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(14) On the dance floor, you have women dancing alone or with women and men dancing alone or with men.

(15) Most of the guys are hanging around outside, attending to “business” with cellular phones. The hall empties immediately after food has been served.

and one sure sign that you are at a Ghanaian party – nobody wants to be the first to arrive at the party.

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